Coming up on Halloween

Kitted projects

Kitted projects

Halloween is one of the best holidays we celebrate each year, starting on October the first.  After a Halloween event at the zoo on the first, we attended a plant sale the second weekend.  Halloween Legos abound around the house and in the display cabinets.  Cupcakes with spiders and tombstones are served for dessert and glow-in-the-dark painted water jugs line the porches.  Trick or treat will be the last on our list, then home for Halloween supper and Lego building.  I will be sitting and watching from my recliner, recovering from eye surgery.  Halloween will be over for another year.

This month, I have kitted up over 25 cross stitch charts, had 5 done for me by the lovely people at Heaven and Earth Designs, and still have about 10 to go.  While I can’ see to stitch, I can see to prepare things for the day I am given the go ahead.  I have 5 projects framed and ready to stitch for the Embroiderers Guild Master Craftsman Program.  Everything is ready, but I’m not.  It is so frustrating.

After another round of surgery the first week in November, I will be chewing at the bit to get back to my stitching.  I hope that at the end of November, along with new glasses, I will be back in the groove. I have some presents to finish for Christmas, so I will be getting a late start on them – some sewing, some cross stitch.

I am one who only fixes a complete dinner two times a year – at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Those are the times I make traditional dishes and cook for two days before each holiday, with a menu of turkey, duck, goose, ham, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, dressing, cranberry fruit salad, baked potatoes, beans, corn on the cob, peas, sweetened carrots, cranberry sauce, apple pie, pumpkin pie, and any other thing we like.  In the morning, we watch the parades and after Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, I plan to sit and stitch while others watch TV or play with presents.

Getting Ready for October

It is becoming more fall-like as the days pass.  Huntsville Botanical Gardens have the annual fall plant sale tomorrow.  I am always pleased at the selection they have and at the amount we bring home.  Constellation Con in Huntsville starts the 16th for all you miniature gamers which leaves me as caretaker to a little one for 3 days.  Probably that will not be conducive to getting much accomplished in Stitchy world.  I think some baking is in order those days.

Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year.  We started the celebrations this past week-end with the opening of Birmingham Zoo’s Boo at the Zoo.  Saturday’s attempt was cancelled due to the fact that the zoo sits high above sea level and was in the middle of a rain-heavy cloud which drenched us with tiny droplets of moisture which fell as very small raindrops.  When they announced the cancellation, we left to find that a few miles away where the altitude was not so high, the clouds were just clouds and there was no rain.  We tried again Sunday afternoon and a good time was had by all.  Unfortunately, yours truly had to sit in the car with an iPad.  Walking has become a chore.

The end of the month will find me in cataract surgery so very little stitching will be done until I get new glasses at the end of November.  I am regulated to kitting up charts and doing a small amount of sewing for Christmas.  It has become hard to do any closeup work of any kind.

Until then, I hope your Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays are the best.